BMW Has a Bunch More M Performance Products on the Way

BMW Has a Bunch More M Performance Products on the Way

The Mercedes-AMG product portfolio spans nearly the entire Mercedes-Benz range, ensuring that no matter what type of Mercedes vehicle you’re shopping for, there will be a bonafide performance version of it. 

By comparison, BMW’ s M portfolio is much smaller. That’s soon set to change, though, with BMW M boss Frank van Meel telling us on the floor of the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show that the M range is soon set to grow exponentially. This will include more M Performance vehicles like the recently introduced M760Li, which are performance focused products but aren’t as hardcore as true M products like the M4.

“Our priority currently is on expanding our M product portfolio, because we do have a lot more BMW cars than we have M cars, especially M Performance cars,” Van Meel said. “So we’re currently in the extension of our portfolio, which this year included several M Performance models like the M550i, M760Li, M550d, which is not for the US but for Europe. And that’s only the beginning for M Performance automobiles.”

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There are a number of BMW products that have yet to receive an M Performance variant. The most obvious vehicles to get the M Performance treatment would be the 3-Series and 4-Series, but we could also see it being applied to upcoming products such as the 8-Series, X2, and X7. The next-generation BMW Z4  also seems like a decent candidate for a mild M Performance makeover, but considering we’ve only seen a concept version of that car, we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

So if you love products like the M240i, there’s good times ahead for you. The only question is, how soon will these M Performance products see the light of day?

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