BMW i3 REx Recalled for Possible Fuel Vapor Leak

BMW i3 REx Recalled for Possible Fuel Vapor Leak

BMW is recalling approximately 19,130 i3s with range extenders.

In the affected vehicles, there’s a fuel tank vent line routed near the ribbed wire protecting the battery-plus cable sleeve. According to BMW, the line can rub against the ribbed wire and possibly wear through, creating a fuel vapor leak within the enclosed engine compartment. As a result, this increases the risk of a fire.

BMW is not aware of any injuries or deaths related to the issue and it was discovered after a non-U.S. dealer saw a chafed line in a vehicle. The automaker then monitored field vehicles and saw other instances of chafing, causing the recall.

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Affected owners can head to BMW dealerships starting April 3 to have their fuel vent lines inspected and replaced if necessary. To prevent future wear, dealerships will also install a clip between the fuel tank vent line and the battery cable sleeve. All fixes are done free of charge.

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