BMW Loves SUVs So Much, it Wants to Make Another One

BMW Loves SUVs So Much, it Wants to Make Another One

The production BMW X7 hasn’t even made its debut yet and there’s already talk about an X8.

Speaking to , BMW’s head of development, Klaus Fröhlich, confirmed the BMW X8 is under consideration but no decision has been made yet. “The sector is growing, so there will be opportunity,” said Fröhlich. He noted although it is early to talk about the BMW X8, he emphasized how the X2, X4, and X6 models work for the brand, suggesting the X8 is a natural fit.

If the X8 does head to production, look for it around 2020 and it would likely be the German automaker’s highest-priced model.

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It is believed BMW is discussing internally on whether the X8 would be a sportier coupe version of the X7 or a long-wheelbase version of the X7, offering more cargo space while sporting a sweeping roofline for a more stylish appearance. But unlike the X7, the X8 will likely have the option of four or five seats across two rows, rather than being a seven-seater like the upcoming X7.

[Source: Autocar]

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