Even Europeans Don't Want Diesel Cars Any More

Even Europeans Don't Want Diesel Cars Any More

Car buyers in Europe are shunning diesel vehicles.

It’s another part of the fallout from Volkswagen‘s massive diesel scandal as countries like Germany are discussing driving bans and authorities debate tighter regulation to cut down on pollution. For the first time since October, sales of new vehicles fell last month in Germany, and diesel models saw the biggest decline. Motor vehicle authority KBA said car sales in Germany dropped 2.6 percent in February to 243,602 units, but analysts say if adjusted for one less selling day, sales would have risen by about two percent.

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Overall, diesel models’ share of new-car sales dropped 11 percent in February to 43 percent, and similar drops were seen in France and Spain. Peter Fuss, a senior partner and automotive specialist in Ernst & Young’s German practice, believes diesel vehicle sales will continue to shrink in the coming months.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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