If You Didn't Think the BMW X6 Couldn't Get Worse…

If You Didn't Think the BMW X6 Couldn't Get Worse…

The BMW X6 M is a formidable machine on the race track, but after German tuner Manhart is through with it, this SUV will also be ready for the desert.

The Manhart MHX6 Dirt² is built to be ready for the legendary Dakar rally and comes with everything necessary to complete the run through the deserts of South America. A partial exoskeleton, a pair of snorkels, a full-size spare tire, a new steel front bumper with a winch and underbody protection are all part of this machine’s kit, along with upgraded LED lights.

Powering the big BF Goodrich tires is a twin-turbo V8 that Manhart has cranked up to make a ridiculous 900 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque thanks to all-new pistons, connecting rods, upgraded turbos, a new carbon air intake, better cooling and, of course, a new exhaust system.

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A new transmission and strengthened rear axle are also part of the package to handle all that extra power while underneath a KW suspension is responsible for lifting the body.

For now, this X6 is only a concept from Manhart, but if it is made, the company only plans to build five of them. As for the price, the German company is looking for €395,000 ($463K USD) for each one.

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