Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Could Spawn Lineup of New Performance Models

Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Could Spawn Lineup of New Performance Models

Infiniti has fully revealed the new Q60 Project Black S, looking to scare rivals at BMW’s M division and Mercedes-AMG. 

The car is a collaboration between Infiniti and the Renault Sport Formula One Team and sports plenty of nods to F1 racing including an energy recover system similar to that used on those top-dog race cars.

Production of this car will be based on reactions from the public, while a ‘Black S’ trim, denoting the top-performance trim, could find its way to other models in the Infiniti lineup if the automaker gets enough positive feedback.

Power still comes from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, which makes 400 horsepower in the standard Q60. Paired to the kinetic energy system, which harvests power from the brakes and from exhaust gases at the turbocharger, Infiniti says that power output is up by 25 percent, putting horsepower for this car around 500.

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All of the energy is storied in high-rate discharge lithium-ion batteries and is used to rotate the crankshaft and to turn the turbo blades quicker.

Other performance enhancements on this car include lightweight 21-inch wheels, wider performance tires, and a weight loss program to offset the weight of those extra batteries, though Infiniti doesn’t say how much weight has been added or shed. Further tuning to the chassis and suspension are also part of the package.

The car is designed to look the part of track stormer with Black S badging, gloss black trim, a matte gray paint job, larger air intakes and hood vents. Carbon fiber is also used extensively on the car, with the material used to make a new front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and the massive rear wing.

For now, this is just a study, but Infiniti will be watching the reaction to this new performance machine. So if you like what you see, make sure you comment here. Who knows who might be reading.

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