Is This Guy's $1-Million Hot Wheels Collection Crazy or Crazy Cool?

Is This Guy's $1-Million Hot Wheels Collection Crazy or Crazy Cool?

We’re all probably Hot Wheels fans, but we have all been outdone by Bruce Pascal, an American diecast diehard whose toy collection exceeds $1-million.

Recently profiled on , Pascal admitted he has well over 3,000 Hot Wheels and that he is hoping to raise the profile of the collectibles, likening them to fine art rather than mere toys.

The office in his home is dedicated to his collection, and he has a number of rare and even unreleased prototype models. He even thinks he has a few items that Mattel doesn’t have anymore.

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One of the gems in his collection is a pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear-Loader, complete with surfboards sticking out of the rear window. This car is said to be one of just a few ever produced and is worth well more than $100,000 alone.

Pascal says he’d like to one day open a museum dedicated to Hot Wheels. While his collection is hard to beat, many of us car fans started just like him, playing with these things from a young age and hanging on to them as we got older.

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