Ken Block Hits the 'Industrial Playground' in Gymkhana 9

The next installment in the tire-shredding Gymkhana series is here. 

By now you likely know the formula: race car driver Ken Block, an exotic location, a fast car and lots of screeching tires belching smoke into the air. Gymkhana nine does not disappoint, bringing together all of those classic elements, if you’re willing to call Buffalo, New York exotic.

Gymkhana nine explores the “raw industrial playground” of Buffalo, which has plenty of abandoned factories and train stations packed full of fun obstacles for Block to slide around.

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The 600-horsepower Ford Focus RS RX Rallycross car provides the tire-killing power in this latest video, which captures the first time the car has left the Rallycross course to hit public streets.

Block has also teamed up with the folks behind the Forza Horizon 3 racing game, which will add his Focus RS RX to its roster of drivable cars.

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