Lawsuit Alleges Ferrari Has a Device to Roll Back Odometers

Lawsuit Alleges Ferrari Has a Device to Roll Back Odometers

A former Ferrari salesman has turned into a whistleblower with a big claim: Ferrari is knowingly rolling back the odometers on its cars so they can be re-sold for more money. 

The claim surfaced out of a wrongful dismissal lawsuit brought by Robert “Bud” Root against New Country Motor Cars of Palm Beach, saying that the dealer used a Ferrari DEIS tool to roll back odometers, a practice that is illegal. Root says that blowing the whistle on this practice, along with his age, caused him to be discriminated against and wrongfully terminated.

For these rollbacks of the digital odometers to work, Root claims that Ferrari headquarters in Italy has to green light the process remotely. The lawsuit alleges that Ferrari employees around the world are taught how to use these machines and that all of the DEIS data is stored on a database at Ferrari HQ in Italy. Root also says he knows of at least one case where the odometer was rolled all the way back to 0, increasing the value of a LaFerrari by $1 million.

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“The development, distribution and licensing of a device which authorizes and empowers Ferrari dealerships and technicians to perform illegal odometer rollbacks on Ferrari vehicles is patently irresponsible and brings into question the legitimacy of Ferrari odometer readings worldwide,” said Root’s attorney, David Brodie.

Ferrari has released on official statement on the controversy, though it does not reveal much. “We do not comment on litigation between a dealer and its employees. This litigation involves third parties with respect to Ferrari North America and the litigation does not involve Ferrari. Ferrari reserves the right to take all appropriate action against any part that has adversely affected its rights,” said a Ferrari spokesperson in an e-mail to

[Source: Daily Mail]

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