Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Will be the Last Real Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Will be the Last Real Mitsubishi

With the L.A. Auto Show wrapping up, we saw what is possibly the last all-Mitsubishi product: the new Eclipse Cross.

A compact crossover with coupe-like styling and all-wheel drive offered on all but the most basic trim levels, it’s a more significant vehicle than it appears.

That’s because it’s likely the last all-Mitsubishi-made car coming from the brand. Speaking to product planners at Mitsubishi Motors Canada and USA, they made it clear that the Eclipse Cross will be the last of its kind, which is a completely Mitsubishi-developed product. They explained that after being absorbed into the Nissan-Renault alliance late last year, the automaker will now get some help in the form of platforms and other technology from its alliance-mates.

That’s not to say there won’t be any Mitsubishi DNA left in the world. In fact, Mitsubishi product planners tell us that the top brass at Nissan-Renault made it clear that there’s a lot they can use from the three-diamond brand.

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Maintaining and keeping the off-road, SUV, and truck heritage seems to be a big priority for the Mitsubishi part of the alliance, but there’s also a big emphasis on electrification. While Nissan is proud of its Leaf and Rogue Hybrid, Mitsubishi has seen huge success with its Outlander PHEV in overseas markets. Apparently, the plan is to use that Mitsubishi-developed plug-in powertrain in the other brands’ future cars.

But Mitsubishi’s next generation of vehicles will leverage the platforms found in other Nissan-Renault cars. The next Outlander and Outlander Sport have been delayed until 2019 and 2020, respectively, in order to accommodate this synergy between the brands.

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