Mysterious Chevy Camaro Spied Testing for the First Time

Mysterious Chevy Camaro Spied Testing for the First Time

With multiple layers of camouflage, it’s hard to tell what Chevrolet is up to.

Spy photographers were barely able to catch this Chevy Camaro on camera before it got covered up, but the American automaker is definitely trying to keep something a secret. It may appear at first glance that the Camaro is wearing your typical camouflage outfit, but a closer looks reveals Chevy has tacked on some fake bodywork to the front end to conceal what’s real. As a result, it’s tough to tell which parts are real, and which parts are fake, especially with the extra layer of traditional black-and-white sticker camouflage.

In addition, the hood has a white, translucent material on it that appears to conceal some air outlets on the hood.

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Previously, spy photographers caught a more aggressive Camaro being tested and it was believed it would be a hardcore Z/28, but that wasn’t the case, as that prototype turned out to be the Camaro ZL1 1LE that was announced last week. It would make the most sense that this is a prototype for the Z/28 since it is expected late this year or early 2018.

The Camaro isn’t expected to be refreshed until the third quarter of 2019, but there’s a chance Chevrolet has moved up the timing. Or it could be something entirely new, like a hybrid variant. Whatever it is, Chevy is hoping to keep it a secret.

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