Next-Gen Audi RS Models Getting Big Bump in Performance

Next-Gen Audi RS Models Getting Big Bump in Performance

The next-generation Audi RS4 and RS5 models should be plenty fun to drive.

The upcoming Audi RS4 Avant and RS5 will reportedly get 10 more hp and 35 more lb-ft of torque than the Porsche Panamera 4S, which first debuted the biturbo V6 TFSI engine that all three models will share. That’s according to a source who sent a slideshow from a dealer presentation in Norway.

The 2.9-liter V6 was jointly developed by Porsche and Audi and it has been known for some time that the RS4/5 would use the engine. According to the Norwegian presentation the Audis will get 450 hp and 442 lb-ft.

While that only keeps the upcoming RS models even with the previous versions in terms of horsepower, it marks a significant boost in torque of 125 lb-ft (up from 317 lb-ft). And as the old saying goes, torque wins races.

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It was also revealed that the RS5 Coupe will be joined by an RS5 Sportback, the A5’s four-door, sloped back sister.

Thanks to their big power and torque figures, the RS cars are expected to hit 60 in less than four seconds, and easily reach the German mandated speed limit of 155 mph. A dynamic package will allow buyers who spend a little more to get all the way up to 174 mph.

The slideshow finally revealed that the RS5 Coupe will start production in June 2017, while the RS4 Avant is set to start production in December 2017. There was no information on the RS5 Sportback.

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