Nissan's Latest Concept is Pawfect for Dogs

Nissan's Latest Concept is Pawfect for Dogs

Nissan has introduced a new concept that is tailored for our furry friends, the X-Trail 4Dogs. 

No this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke. Nissan is demonstrating the versatility of its X-Trail crossover by incorporating several accessories geared towards making life easier for your favorite four-legged pet. In the rear of the X-Trail 4Dogs concept, the Japanese automaker has added a ton of luxury for dogs, including a quilted cargo area, a 360 doggy shower, a spill-proof water bowl and a treat dispenser. It may sound outlandish, but for those that take their dogs on the go, the concept makes perfect sense.

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There’s a small ramp that extends from the back to allow dogs to enter easily into the cargo area, and there’s even pullout drawers to hold a grooming kit or other toys and treats. The 360 doggy shower wraps around the dog so the user doesn’t get wet, while a built-in blowdryer nozzle is handy to get rid of the wet-dog smell. They even ride in comfort thanks to a directional dryer vent that blows directly into the cargo compartment.

To keep the pets safe, there’s a special clip for harnesses and even a 10-inch screen so they can see what the passengers are doing. This also allows the driver to check on the dogs from the cockpit.

The Nissan X-Trail isn’t available in the U.S., and it’s unlikely this concept makes it to production. But who knows, there was once a time that people thought Honda was a bit silly adding a vacuum cleaner to its Odyssey minivan.

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