Owners of De Tomaso Name File Patent for New Pantera Design

Owners of De Tomaso Name File Patent for New Pantera Design

A design patent application for a new De Tomaso Pantera has been filed with the EUIPO by Ideal Team Ventures Limited – the same firm that currently owns the rights to the Italian marque’s name.

Ideal Team Ventures won the rights to the De Tomaso name in a bidding war in 2015. According to , the company told Italian media it would manufacture cars under the De Tomaso name in China, and it has since filed trademark applications for the Pantera and Mangusta nameplates.

Now a proposed design for the new Pantera has been dug up by through the EUIPO’s online records. The vehicle is a recreation of the iconic Pantera, and appears to be styled after late model year Panteras in particular, like the GT5S. Just like on the original Pantera, there also appears to be pop-up headlights.

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There’s one good reason to be excited about this Pantera revival. Ideal Team Ventures are the same people who bought up the Apollo name from the makers of the fast but ugly Gumpert Apollo, and later released the wild-sounding, V12-powered Apollo Intensa Emozione. These design renderings also look promising, so we’re expecting greatness from this revival of an icon.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the new De Tomaso Pantera to arrive sometime soon – perhaps even by as early as this year.

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