Report: This Audi R8 Will be the Last R8

Report: This Audi R8 Will be the Last R8

With sales of Audi’s halo supercar slowing and the buzz of electrification in the air, it seems the future of the R8 has come under fresh threat.

A new report from claims that when this generation R8’s run is up in 2020, there will be no replacement.

That would be a sign of Audi holding a particularly dim view of the R8 since that’s when the Huracan’s follow-up is expected.

The magazine also claims that the Scorpion, a rather exciting sounding supercar powered by a V8 with desmodromic valves, is dead. That despite the engine technology coming from Ducati, whose place within the VW Group has just been reaffirmed. To be honest, though, gluing four bike engines together to make a V8 sounds about as ill-conceived and unbelievable as the plot of , so that’s hardly a surprise.

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Neither claim is sourced or backed up by a quote.

As ever, Audi Sport wants to expand the lineup and make it more “international.” So that means more RS models generally, more RSQs specifically, and fewer RS wagons because, apparently, it’s too shallow a niche.

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