Rolls-Royce Shows Why its the King of Automotive Luxury

Rolls-Royce Shows Why its the King of Automotive Luxury

Forget gold, Rolls-Royce has decided to paint a car with diamonds.

Called Elegance, the custom Rolls-Royce Ghost will be on display at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and is the world’s first luxury car to be finished in a paint created from diamonds. Called “Diamond Stardust,” it’s the most expensive paint to ever be used on a Rolls-Royce vehicle and is made from 1,000 ethically-sourced diamonds. The diamonds first went through extensive testing to ensure their radiance when used in a paint, with Rolls-Royce’s team of experts spending two months of concentrated testing to produce the perfect result.

The 1,000 diamonds were then crushed to create a very fine diamond powder, which was then mixed into the paint. In addition, the automaker developed a new and unique paint process that included the application of an extra layer of lacquer to protect the diamond particles during the hand-polishing process. The special Diamond Stardust paint was applied to the top section of the car, before Mugello Red and Black twin coachlines were applied. The center of the 21-inch wheels also received a hand-painted Mugello Red pinstripe.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

Luxury continues onto the inside of the Ghost, with black leather seats featuring accents of Mugello Red stitching on the doors and piping on the seats. Tudor Oak veneer was used for the trim, along with a bespoke clock and a Mugello Red single stitching along the top of the dash.

Along with the Elegance, Rolls-Royce is showing off the Dawn – Inspired by Fashion collection featuring three color schemes at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The Wraith Black Badge will also make an appearance, a car Rolls-Royce says is engineered to suit its younger, edgier customers.

Lastly, the British automaker teamed up with Belgian artist Charles Kaisin to create a bespoke sculpture for the Rolls-Royce Art Program and that will also be shown in Geneva.

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