RUF is Debuting a New Supercar Next Week

RUF is Debuting a New Supercar Next Week

It’s the first-ever in-house developed supercar from the German automaker.

RUF is most well known for its modified Porsche builds, but it appears it wants to change things up a bit. The company isn’t releasing any details on its new supercar just yet, but did say it will be its first-ever sports car based on its first in-house designed carbon monocoque chassis. The road car has been engineered, designed and manufactured by RUF Automobile in the spirit of the 1987 Yellow Bird, arguably RUF’s most famous model.

2017 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

The RUF brand is interesting since its vehicles have certified VINs and serial numbers, so they are recognized as production models rather than just modified Porsche sports cars. It’s likely the supercar will be powered by a Porsche engine, but we’ll have to wait until next week for more details.

Check back with  full coverage of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, where we will be sure to check out what RUF has up its sleeves.

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