Smaller Porsche Mission E a Possibility

Thanks to a scalable platform, a smaller Porsche Mission E is a possibility.

The German automaker is taking electric cars seriously, and rumor has it the recent 960 supercar project has been dropped in favor of turning the Mission E concept into a production car. Referred to as the Pajun, the Mission E might just be the beginning for a series of electric vehicles from Porsche.

Speaking to Automobile Magazine, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume emphasized that the additional weight required for an electric vehicle means sports cars will hold onto using gasoline engines longer than other vehicle types, but Porsche wouldn’t shy away, saying that “even the 911 must eventually adjust.” Yes, that means the Porsche 911 could eventually be electrified.

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But for now, Porsche is focusing on electrified sedans and Blume admitted the architecture underpinning the Mission E is scalable. That means no only could a larger vehicle be produced, but a smaller one as well. One idea is that the Volkswagen Group would use it to underpin a Bentley Mulsanne replacement that is all-electric, or scale it smaller to compete with the upcoming BMW i5 or i6.

Porsche is also considering a third, smaller SUV to add to its lineup, complementing the existing Macan and Cayenne offerings.

[Source: Automobile Mag]

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