Subaru Claims its Next WRX Will Actually Follow the Concept

Subaru Claims its Next WRX Will Actually Follow the Concept

Following the debut of the Viziv Performance Concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru confirms reception has been positive.

The Japanese automaker has built a reputation crafting some of the best-looking concept cars we’ve seen in recent years, only to disappoint us when the production model rolls out with significantly toned down styling. But this time around, Subaru design chief Mamoru Ishii claims the next WRX will be heavily influenced by the Viziv Performance Concept. Speaking to , Ishii said reaction to the concept has been positive and he’s eager to see certain design themes carry over to production. “We have built up this tradition with the Legacy, Impreza, and WRX,” he said. “We want it to look fast even when it is parked.”

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And since the next Subaru WRX will ride on the new Subaru Global Platform, a plug-in hybrid powertrain is a possibility. Ishii shared that four-wheel drive is critical to WRX customers, but the automaker has a little more freedom with the engine. This suggests that so long as the WRX is still a high-performance vehicle, its owners or prospective buyers may not care whether it’s from electrification.

Most importantly however, Subaru wants to make sure the next WRX remains a driver’s car despite other automakers investing into autonomous technologies. “For some, driving pleasure is still very important and that is what we are exploring.”

[Source: Autocar]

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