Taco Bell Employees now get a Discount on the C7 Corvette Grand Sport

Taco Bell Employees now get a Discount on the C7 Corvette Grand Sport

No one said the automotive industry made sense.

In one of the weirdest car discount schemes of all time, General Motors has added Taco Bell to its approved list of suppliers, offering employees of the Tex-Mex chain access to GM Supplier Pricing.

According to , GM’s is offering its new “supplier” $4,385 in savings on a 2018 C7 Corvette Grand Sport, a car which is notably ineligible for any other incentives at this time. The car’s $66,590 MSRP is probably more than the year-end take-home pay of your average burrito builder, but some data analyst at company HQ in Irvine, California will certainly appreciate the cash-on-the-hood.

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While Taco Bell may seem like an exasperatingly odd choice for GM to include on its official list of suppliers, the relationship is likely rooted in Taco Bell’s partnership with ride-sharing service Lyft of which GM owns 9%. The companies have recently launched Taco Mode allowing users to hit the drive-thru for a free late night taco.

Plus, there’s a Taco Bell located at 525 General Motors Rd, in Milford, Michigan, which is just 2 miles from GM’s Milford Proving Grounds, begging the question: just how much of the Corvette’s current engineering has been fuelled by Doritos Locos Tacos?

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