The Best Proof Yet that the Mid-Engine Corvette is Coming

The Best Proof Yet that the Mid-Engine Corvette is Coming

The top secret mid-engine Chevy Corvette has been trying to hide from the cameras, but so for the spy photographers seem to be winning the battle. 

This new set of photos offers our best look yet at the car, caught while undergoing winter testing on ice. In many of the photos, we see the car totally covered by a black sheet, but when it hit the ice the sheet came off, revealing its proportions and a few hints at the car’s overall design.

The shape alone suggests that the car is mid-engine, especially when you see it in contrast to the C7 ZR1 prototype that was also out testing. The long, tall hood is gone on the mid-engine prototype, replaced with a longer rear deck to house the engine. Air intakes in the rear flanks to help cool the engine are also visible.

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Nothing has been confirmed about this car yet, but of course, rumors abound. It has been suggested that the new supercar will appear with a Cadillac badge, a better suited brand to sell it for a high price tag. If the mid-engine Corvette looks to take on the Ford GT directly, the price could stretch all the way up to $400,000, though some reports put the price closer to $150,000.

A version of the 6.2-liter V8 in today’s Corvette will probably be used in the supercar, though with a supercharger adding serious horsepower to the mix. A twin-turbo V6 has could also be an option as a base engine.

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