The Coolest Car Commercial Doesn't Even Have a Car in It

The Coolest Car Commercial Doesn't Even Have a Car in It

Take note automakers: you don’t necessarily have to showcase a car to get your point across.

Audi has teamed up with Candide Thovex, a French professional skier and filmmaker to create a unique campaign promoting the German automaker’s quattro all-wheel-drive technology. The focal point of the campaign is that “all conditions are perfect conditions for Audi quattro,” and to prove that, Thovex goes skiing without needing an inch of snow.

The commercial is simply titled “Ski the World,” and as you can imagine, it showcases Thovex taking on the world with his skiis, hitting up famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China.

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Since the video is 4.5 minutes long, it isn’t your typical 30-second or even 60-second spot. But the video is effective in getting its point across, despite never showing a single vehicle. It’s entertaining and mesmerizing to watch, also acting as a strong endorsement to go out and travel the world.

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