This 570S is Inspired by Bruce McLaren's Former Home

This 570S is Inspired by Bruce McLaren's Former Home

The latest exterior color developed by McLaren Special Operations was inspired by the Surrey home company founder Bruce McLaren formerly lived in.

The home, which was built on request for McLaren in the late 1960s, was named after the community of Murawai, New Zealand in which a 15-year old Bruce won his first-ever motor race. The Kiwi native moved to Great Britain in 1958 after receiving a racing scholarship and later established Bruce McLaren Racing to handle his various motorsports ventures. He and his wife Patty rented homes in Surbiton and Weybridge until their only child Amanda was born and they moved into the white Murawai home.

“My mother Patty had been at a dinner party with a palm reader, who told her she’d live in a big white house with blue doors and shutters,” Amanda McLaren recently revealed. “Whether by destiny or design, that is what transpired and Muriwai was a place of pride for Bruce and comfort to Patty years after my father’s premature death in 1970 at the age of 32. Muriwai was always special to my father; the exotic name as much as the house. Forty-two kilometers’ northwest of Auckland, it’s where he grew up and won his first hill climb, aged 15, at the wheel of an Ulster Austin which remains in McLaren’s heritage collection in Woking.”

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The Murawai White shade is inspired by the white walls of both of the exterior and interior of Bruce’s former homestead. The automaker says it will be available in any McLaren road car, and other MSO options will be available with the color to tailor the vehicle to the customer’s specific tastes.

“I’m sure my parents would have loved this ‘Muriwai’ colour, and they would be so proud of the 570S Spider and the other McLaren road cars, as that is where my father saw the future of the company,” Amanda said. “The M12GT was his vision of the road-going supercar and the DNA of that 1969 car is evident in all of McLaren Automotive’s products. To compare photos of the M12GT outside our old house with the 570S Spider today is a rather lovely circle to behold.”

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