This Boat Engine Is Inspired by the Acura NSX

This Boat Engine Is Inspired by the Acura NSX

Honda is showing off a marine engine concept inspired by the Acura NSX supercar.

Unveiled at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show, the Honda Marine Design Concept Engine features the same same striking Nouvelle Blue Pearl paint offered on the NSX, while the heat ducts feature an interwoven design with black honeycomb mesh, just like the intakes on the supercar. But perhaps the most attention-grabbing piece of design that was inspired by the NSX is the engine’s floating winged blade. Honda says it’s the result of angled surfacing and an overlapping form that helps reduce the overall appearance of the large size so that the engine has an aerodynamic, sleek, vertical look.

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The engine was designed at Honda’s Advanced Design Group, where its designers were given a “clean sheet of paper” opportunity to design a concept motor that could be applied to a variety of engines. Honda, of course, is the largest engine manufacturer in the world, producing engines for more than just cars and motorcycles. The company also has applications for lawnmowers, generators, airplanes and boats.

For now, the company doesn’t intend to produce the engine design concept, but it does prove that even marine engines can look exciting.

“The Honda Marine Design Concept Engine is a clear indicator that Honda is committed to the Marine business, continuing its legacy of innovation and groundbreaking marine products with a vision of what future Honda Marine power could be,” said Will Walton, assistant vice president – Honda Marine.

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