This is Probably the Coolest Taxi in the World

This is Probably the Coolest Taxi in the World

If you’re ever visiting Odda, Norway, you may want to give “Blue Lightning” a call if you ever need a taxi.

Cabbie Evald Jåstad drives one of the most unique taxi cabs we’ve ever seen – a modified Ford Focus RS that has earned the nickname “Blue Lightning” in Odda. Visitors to the Trolltunga cliffs are in for a treat if they call for a cab and Jåstad picks them up, considering the Focus RS is capable of going zero-to-62 mph in 4.7 seconds. Jåstad even has some regular customers that look forward to riding in Blue Lightning.

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The 36-year-old father of two has covered nearly 79,000 miles (127,000 kilometers) in just 18 months in the Focus RS, shuttling people around Odda in style. But each day starts with a trip to the local nursery to drop off his son, Martin. “When I drive him to the nursery, all the way there, Martin shouts out ‘Bånn gass! Bånn gass! – More gas! More gas!” said Jåstad.

Ford even shared a silly little chart comparing the Ford Focus RS to other traditional taxis in terms of 0-62 mph time, top speed, engine, power, and special feature. Needless to say, a London TX4 Taxi and a Toyota Prius are downright boring compared to the Focus RS.

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