Watch: Audi’s Feminist Super Bowl Ad

Watch: Audi’s Feminist Super Bowl Ad

Following Audi Spain’s effort this Christmas, Audi of America is getting in on the feminism game at the big game. The automaker has revealed its minute-long super bowl ad that’s set to #driveprogress.

Directed by Aoife McArdle, “Daughter” will run during the third quarter of Super Bowl LI this Sunday, and features a girl crushing it in a soap box derby taming oversteer on a wet corner, avoiding two boys trying to squeeze her out of the race, and eventually winning the race.

Over all of which the girl’s dad wonders about how he’s going to tell her about pay inequality and how much her life gender will determine. “What should I tell my daughter,” asks the father. “That she will automatically be valued less than every many she ever meets?”

The ad takes a hopeful tack, though, when the girl wins the race, concluding with the hopeful dad saying “maybe I’ll be able to tell her something different,” as they walk towards their Audi S5 Sportback.

To go along with the message, Audi USA says that it is committed to supporting equal pay and to create a work environment that drives equality for all employees. It has also created a graduate internship program in which 50% of enrollment must be female.

Along with its internal support for equality, Audi USA is also working with its long time partner the American Film Institute FEST to create the Audi Fellowship scholarship program, which grants one female director AFI Conservatory enrollment.

Audi has also created a custom Snapchat filter which encourages fans to participate in the #DriveProgress movement by sharing their stories.

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