Watch Editors Read the Mean Comments from YouTube

Watch Editors Read the Mean Comments from YouTube

Everyone knows that the YouTube comments section is filled with the worst type of internet trolls.

We try so hard to entertain and inform our audience, but a lot of the time, they end up just TAKING A DUMP ON ALL OUR HARD WORK! No worries, we still love what we do and we think they’re just jealous…

We skipped our Reading Mean Comments video last year because the comments got way too hurtful (!!!), but we had so many requests to bring it back and an abundance of nasty comments this year, so enjoy this year’s Reading Mean Comments video above!

Thanks so much for your support (and meanness) this year! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can tell us how much you hate us. Happy Holidays and drive safe!

Just for old time’s sake, here are the Reading Mean Comments videos form years past:

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