2020 Mercedes GLB-Class Spied Wearing Less Camo

2020 Mercedes GLB-Class Spied Wearing Less Camo
Within the past year, the Mercedes-Benz family of compact cars has been reborn. We've lost track of the body styles that have come out but suspect this GLB-Class will be the most popular.
2020 Mercedes GLB-Class Spied Wearing Less Camo
At this point, the model is an open secret, having been presented last month in China as a production-intent concept. It will be built there, as well as in Mexico, lifting the burden of the European compact car assembly lines.

Our latest spyshots show the GLB-Class wearing only minimal camouflage over the front and rear bumpers. It's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but we think it's got more character than most of the other Mercedes compacts, perhaps excluding the CLA Shooting Brake.

Mercedes is working with a more understated design and is also trying to maximize practicality. Compared to the soon-to-be-replaced GLA-Class, headroom will be dramatically improved. And the cabin will offer a general feeling of space.

The design is about the same as the concept, minus a few "butch" elements such as the trim on the bumpers and the roof rack. The GLB will probably compete with VW's popular Tiguan, but also the Volvo XC40 and Audi Q3. The engines it offers will compete in terms of power and, thanks to mild hybrid assistance, fuel economy as well.

There's a rumor about the partnership with Renault ending soon, but at least at launch, the GLB will have their 1.3-liter turbo with up to 163 horsepower, though there might a hybrid version with more.

To be honest, we're not sure the 1.3L is worth the risk when the old Renault 1.2L was unreliable. Instead, we suggest the Mercedes 2-liter diesel, which makes either 150 or 190 HP for this application.

We know that at least one AMG model will be launched, the GLB 35 with 306 HP, though the 45 model is also likely. Further variations will include the long wheelbase model for China and the EQB fully-electric model that may have already been spotted.

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