2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus Now Features 402-Mile Range

2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus Now Features 402-Mile Range

Tesla’s original in-house model is the first production EV to crack the 400-mile range barrier.

Good news for those wanting more range in their Tesla Model S. According to the American company, the Model S Long Range Plus now features an EPA-rated range of 402 miles, making it the first EV to surpass 400 miles on a single charge.

What’s more, this isn’t just for models rolling off the production line in California right now. Elon Musk took to Twitter shortly after the announcement to confirm that all LRP models built from late January to now feature the same range.

Tesla achieved the milestone figure through a detailed round of refinement for the Model S, which debuted back in 2012. The company applied engineering solutions from the newer Model 3 and Y to reduce mass, including improvements to the front gearbox and replacing the mechanical oil pump with an electric one. Curb weight now sits at 4,883 lb for the Model S LRP, or 58 lb lighter than the hard-charging Performance model.

2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus Now Features 402-Mile Range

New 19-inch “Tempest” aero wheels—seen above—and a set of unique low rolling resistance tires also contributed a two-percent increase over the old range.

The Model S also now includes a Hold drive feature, which essentially allows for one-pedal driving. Hold uses both the physical brakes and regenerative braking to bring the car to a complete stop when the driver eases off the right pedal.

Everything else about the Model S LRP remains the same, including its 3.7-second 0–60 mph time, 155 mph top speed, and its $76,190 list price. That includes destination and last month’s $5,000 price cut, but not any state or federal incentives.

For reference, the Model S launched eight years ago with a 265-mile range. The current Performance model features a 348-mile range and $96,190 list price.

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