Enter Seltos, a Kia SUV to Be Revealed This Month

Enter Seltos, a Kia SUV to Be Revealed This Month
The exact reveal date for Kia’s newest SUV is still unknown, but the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place, hinting to an impending reveal. This week, the carmaker revealed the new car’s name: Seltos.
Enter Seltos, a Kia SUV to Be Revealed This Month
Supposed to be a compact SUV meant for the millennial generation living in cities across the world, the car is loosely based on the SP Signature shown for the first time at the Delhi Auto Show in India in 2018. 

Although strange to the ear, the Seltos name is of course supposed to mean something. The South Koreans claim the name is derived from the Greek mythology and has roots in the name Celtos*, which supposedly was the son of Hercules. The S at the beginning of the name is meant to stand for “speed and sportiness.”

The technical details that make up the Seltos are unknown, but Kia did reveal over the past month details on how technologically advanced the SUV is, as it is intended for “youthful, tech-savvy buyers.”

Among those details, a reference to a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a sound mood lighting system. Metallic highlights in the air vents and a grab-bar on the passenger side of the center console have already been previewed in an interior design sketch released earlier in May.

Visually, the Seltos will likely be a recognizable face thanks to the design of the LED headlamps. Borrowed from the SP Signature, they come in a three-dimensional graphic with a diamond pattern and extend until they nearly touch each other over the radiator grille. 

Although the exact reveal date for the Seltos was not announced, Kia did say the car will be shown in full for the first time later this month. It will go on sale at first in Korea later this year, with global markets to follow soon after.

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