Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette Rumored to Only Offer Seven-Speed DCT

Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette Rumored to Only Offer Seven-Speed DCT

Those hoping the mid-engine Chevy C8 Corvette will be offered with a manual transmission might be disappointed.

Although little is really known about the mid-engine Chevy C8 Corvette,  reports that it will likely use dual-clutch transmission supplied by Tremec sporting seven gears. It is believed that the prototype Corvette that has been caught on camera by spy photographers is testing the drivability and durability of the Tremec transaxles.

According to Tremec engineering documents, the dual-clutch transmission has a maximum input speed of 9,000 rpm and a 664 pound-feet of torque capacity, both of which should accommodate the needs of the mid-engine Corvette. The company describes the twin engagement devices as “virtually dry wet clutches.”

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Many modern sports cars are turning towards dual-clutch transmissions for faster shifts and acceleration. The bad news is, due to the cost and complexity of engineering a vehicle for two different transmissions, it’s a possibility the mid-engine Corvette won’t be offered with a manual.

Hopefully we will get more details on the C8 Corvette in the near future, as it is expected to arrive on the market as a 2019 model year.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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