Mystery Mercedes-AMG Test Mule is a Quasimodo Version of the E63

Mystery Mercedes-AMG Test Mule is a Quasimodo Version of the E63
Every once in a couple of million cars, one is born with a rare form of dwarfism. Most are killed at birth, but Mercedes-AMG decided to let this oddball E-Class live in the hope that it will develop into something interesting.

Mystery Mercedes-AMG Test Mule is a Quasimodo Version of the E63

We're kidding, of course. We are, in fact, looking at the very first test mule for a potential AMG sports car. It takes the form of an E63 that looks like it suffers from bone disease. We have to applaud Mercedes for going to all the trouble of making custom rear doors that are about half the length, modifying the floor and roof just so they could hide this mule in plain sight.

So what are we dealing with here? Well, the chassis probably hides something that's shorter even than a C-Class sedan, since those massive overhangs would look weird with such a small wheelbase. Plus, the size of the trunk is irrelevant on a bespoke AMG model. At the same time, the fender flares tell us wider tracks have been installed.

It's possible that the new model will be based around the modular rear-wheel-drive architecture of the E-Class, which is shared with the CLS and AMG GT 4-door as well. But it's possible the architecture will be different as well, as the transaxle setup can make the difference between a balanced sports car (like the AMG GT) and a power-based bruiser like the C63.

Because of the wheelbase, we want to immediately rule out the SL-Class replacement, even though the boss of AMG talked about it as recently as this week. Instead, we suggest this is the SLC/SLK's successor, as the little roadster is saying its goodbyes right now.

AMG has long pondered a sports car under the V8-powered GT, hoping that the performance badge would help it succeed where the SLK failed. And if it takes more than two years to develop, which it will, this model will also be a hybrid, as every Affalterbach creation launched after 2021 needs to have some form of electrification. But what do you guys think it is.

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