New Ford Focus Speedster Is Very Real, Totally Unbelievable

New Ford Focus Speedster Is Very Real, Totally Unbelievable
Our website has no shortage of renderings, but we assure you this is not a delayed April Fools prank. The all-new Ford Focus really has been made into a speedster without any Photoshop work. In fact, it was better than anybody would have hoped for.
New Ford Focus Speedster Is Very Real, Totally Unbelievable
We're talking about the new Focus too, the generation which is being denied to the American buyers. But they don't deserve it because nobody over at SEMA ever put something this cool together. No, this comes from a crazy Russian shop called ford_market, a specialist repair and service shop dedicated to the American brand.

Even though we haven't heard of them before, there's something just as strange as this speedster that we're going to share a bit later. But getting back to the custom creation, this Porsche 911 impersonator may have started life as some kind of write-off that had been flipped or a Mk3 with body panels from the salvage yard.

The sporty elements of the ST-Line package have been kept, combined with some modest ground effects. After chopping the roof off, the Russian coachbuilders sealed the doors closed to make the Focus smoother. Custom elements include the trademark rollover hoops that make every speedster look classy. This required the hours of work to cover up the door handles and bond the side skirts to the rest of the car. We'll give you a bit more time to figure out where the gas cap was moved to.

But what's going on with the interior. It's classy, yes, but it's also the wrong one. The new Focus is supposed to have a rotary shifter, and that steering wheel is from the Mk3 Focus. On the other hand, infotainment is Mustang-like. The more we look at this, the weirder it becomes.

There’s probably nothing special under the hood, but the air ride suspension and performance brake upgrades are a nice touch.

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