Tesla Beats BMW and All Others in Battle of Infotainment Systems

Tesla Beats BMW and All Others in Battle of Infotainment Systems
Choosing a car in today’s world requires a much more complex effort than what it was needed just one or two decades ago. With choices to be made from the tires on the car to what’s under the hood, customers are now looking for that special something that would nudge them toward one brand instead of another.

Tesla Beats BMW and All Others in Battle of Infotainment Systems

As customers tend to have ever increasing connectivity needs, infotainment systems could be that special something. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that it’s nearly impossible to have a clear picture of what’s what in this field.

Trying to sort things out a bit, Consumer Reports (CR) decided to conduct a satisfaction survey among its members to see what the general feel about infotainment systems is and, most importantly, which of the available ones is seen as the best.

CR says it based its study on data collected from 60,000 vehicle owners, trying to assess how happy people are happy with what the vehicles offer in terms of audio, calling, and navigation functions.

Of the 60,000, only 56 percent said they were very satisfied with the infotainment system in their car, regardless of make or model.

The happiest of all customers seem to be people driving Tesla cars. With an 86 percent owner satisfaction rate, Tesla's IVI managed to beat BMW’s iDrive (80 percent), Ford’s Sync3 and FCA’s Uconnect 4.

At the opposite end, people are most dissatisfied with Lexus (46 percent), Honda (50 percent) and Acura (52 percent satisfaction rate).

“A good system is one that’s easy to learn and easy to use every day,” said in a statement Kelly Funkhouser, CR program manager for vehicle usability and automation.

“It should be responsive, not sluggish, and have straightforward controls that are easy to identify and operate.”

You can find the ratings on all the nearly 30 infotainment systems tested by CR in the PDF attached below.

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