We’re Going Racing in Forza Today at 3PM

We’re Going Racing in Forza Today at 3PM

We’re wrapping up the week with another  session this afternoon, and you’re invited.

Featuring everything from pre-war racers to modern supercars, plus trophy trucks and classic vans, the  garage contains well over 600 cars. This week we’ll be exploring some of the wackier ones.

The action kicks off at 3PM, and you can watch it all unfold at the AutoGuide Twitch channel. After a brief bit of exploring and checking out everyone’s rides we’ll get into this week’s racing events, which starts with the seasonal “Cold Storage” championship. There we’ll be hopping into the game’s vans and utility vehicles and taking on three dirt races. Next up are the Classic Racers, with iconic vehicles like the Ford GT40 and Ferrari 250 GTO. After that, well, we’ll see where the day takes us! Our goal is to snap up this week’s newest prize car, the bahn-storming Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.

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We’ll also be chatting about what you can expect to see next week here on AutoGuide. If you want a preview of the cars we’ve driven lately, this will be your first hint…

Want to join in the fun? Great! Get all the info on how to do it down below:

Watch live video from AutoGuide on www.twitch.tv

How to Join Us

Want to take part? Awesome. Here’s what you need:

  • A copy of on Xbox One or PC
  • Add yours truly on Xbox Live with the username SlipZtrEm (shout out to teenage Kyle for the wicked handle)
  • Join my in-game group starting at 15:00 EST

And, if you’re not a gamer, but curious to see what it’s all about, watch the brand-new AutoGuide Twitch channel. That’s it—looking forward to seeing you there!

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