Yes, That's a Focus RS Cabriolet and a Focus Monster Truck

Yes, That's a Focus RS Cabriolet and a Focus Monster Truck
Yesterday, put the spotlight on a Mk4 Ford Focus that was converted into a speedster, promising there was something extra we wanted to show you. Today, we deliver, as the same company that put that thing together made three more loveable abominations.
Yes, That's a Focus RS Cabriolet and a Focus Monster Truck
We also argued that the speedster wasn't actually based on a Mk4 at all, but a re-bodied version of a previous unit. But with the Focus RS, we have no doubts at all. The front end may be exactly like that of the famous AWD drift hatch. However, the only Focus generation that had a convertible body was the second one.

Between about 2006 and 2010, when convertibles were still hot, Ford made one around the sedan's wheelbase. That's the era when the Megane had a retractable hardtop and the VW made the Eos. Please excuse us while we feel nostalgic.

In any case, the retractable metal roof and rear deck/trunk from the old cabriolet give the project away. But if we had a Blue Oval that needs TLC in Russia we'd visit ford_market. Who else knows how to fit parts from one Focus model to another except somebody who knows all the ins and outs?

There's also a Focus ST coupe with a wild body kit and air suspension. We're sure that it's already a star of the Russian tuning scene. But it's nowhere near as wild as the Focus monster truck. This appears to match the body of an early 3rd-gen hatchback with some kind of weird chassis.

Based on the length, we believe it's a tractor chassis with a custom front axle. Apparently, it's powered by a 5.7-liter V8 and has some accessories to make it look unnaturally rugged. The Focus body is just there for show. But where do you stick the key to wind it up and make it go?

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