2013 Buick Encore Dodges Dinosaurs in New TV Ad -Video

2013 Buick Encore Dodges Dinosaurs in New TV Ad -Video

Buick is using an aggressive new strategy when it comes to selling its new compact CUV, the Encore. With its small, city-friendly proportions, is the Buick Encore making the large SUV/Crossover extinct?

Buick will be showcasing a new ad during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament which showcases the advantages of the tiny crossover, including its small turning radius, better fuel economy and high-tech features, which are usually reserved for bigger, more expensive luxury vehicles.

With a price starting at $24,950, the Encore is a premium vehicle with an affordable pricetag.

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When AutoGuide.com tested the Encore last month, we found it to be quiet, smooth and featured a pretty and ergonomic interior. However, the cargo space and speed of the vehicle were noticeably lacking.

Watch the video below to see the Encore dodge dinos in the city.

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