Audi Plans Suspension that Produces Energy to Help Save Gas

Audi Plans Suspension that Produces Energy to Help Save Gas

Audi is working on a new suspension system which can produce energy that can be put to good use within the car. 

Audi calls its prototype eROT, which is a set of electromechanical rotary dampers that are able to use potholes, bumps and curves to produce energy for the 48-volt electrical system. It works by using a lever arm that absorbs the motion of the wheel carrier, converting it into energy. Audi says that during testing, its prototype regained 3 watts on a freshly paved highway and 613 watts on a rough secondary road.

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Besides being able to generate electricity, the dampers are actively controlled, which means that they should provide an even better ride. A revised geometry also helps with packaging the cars, allowing more luggage space to be added thanks to the horizontally arranged electric motors in the rear axle.

To work, the vehicle needs a 48-volt electrical system, which is a system that Audi is moving towards in all of its vehicles. The brand says that a new prototype that is in the works for 2017 will be able to feed a “high-performance mild hybrid drive,” offering the potential to save up to 0.7 l/100km in fuel economy.

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