Audi Teases Future Interiors with Tech-Packed Concept

Audi Teases Future Interiors with Tech-Packed Concept

Audi is showing off its high-tech future with a sophisticated new interior that sports responsive screens that recognize gestures like a tablet or smartphone.

The interior, described as being the interior to the quattro e-tron concept that was shown off last year, sports a large AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) touchscreen display. The screen also features haptic feedback, meaning it can react and vibrate to your touch, letting you know it registered your action and helping you operate the screen while driving. This is considered an evolution of Audi’s virtual cockpit digital gauge cluster.

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“The interior of the future will radically alter the way our customers operate and experience things in the vehicle,” said Ricky Hudi, executive vice president of Electronic Development. “We are developing our successful Audi virtual cockpit into the Audi virtual dashboard and creating an entirely new world of experience for our customers. In the future, the entire system will get to know the customer and their habits and preferences, then proactively support them.”

Audi Teases Future Interiors with Tech-Packed Concept

The digital dashboard uses a new version of Audi’s infotainment system, called MIB2+. With more computing power, MIB2+ will support faster internet connectivity through LTE Advanced wireless connection.

Beyond virtual dashboard concepts, Audi is announcing that it will connect its cars to the central system that controls traffic lights in a city. This feature, available in the U.S. will be one of the first car-to-infrastructure connections.

Finally, Audi will introduce a Virtual Reality experience. This will allow new customers to walk into a dealership, configure their car and experience it in virtual reality with a headset.

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