Audi Unveils Fancy Anti-Allergen Air Conditioning System

Audi Unveils Fancy Anti-Allergen Air Conditioning System

Audi has announced its own version of an advanced air conditioning filter, similar to Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Called Audi Air Conditioning Advance, it’s a new filter system that aims to bring relief to allergy sufferers. The German automaker claims it not only removes fine particulates and harmful gases from the air, but also neutralizes virtually all allergens. The new filter will be used in the Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT models starting from June, while the new Audi Q2 will also benefit when it’s launched. Best of all, current Audi owners will be able to have their cars in the respective model series retrofitted with the new filter as part of their regularly scheduled service intervals.

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Two versions of the filter will be available, each of which features three layers. But what makes them so special? Well, there’s a new outer carrier layer, which features an additional anti-allergen effect. One version of the filter reduces allergens by means of plant-derived, bioactive substances called polyphenols, which attach themselves to the receptors of the allergens. The other filter uses a modification of the protein structure to achieve the desired effect. The company has had the filters tested by special testing institutions like SGS Fresenius and Fiatec GmbH, confirming the high effectiveness of the new filters.

The second layer is a filtration layer made up of special microfibers that removes even the tiniest of particulates from the air while the third layer is an activated carbon layer that traps gaseous impurities. There’s no word yet on whether the system will shield occupants from a bioweapon.

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