Next-Gen Audi RS5 Looks Mean in Spy Photos

Next-Gen Audi RS5 Looks Mean in Spy Photos

Audi is set to launch the redesigned A5 at the beginning of June, and the brand is already working on the high-performance RS5. 

A new set of spy photos show the most aggressive version of the A5, though this is likely an early powertrain and chassis mule for the car.

Since it’s just a mule, don’t worry about the fake extensions on the fenders that Audi is using to make it possible to run the car with a wider track and wheels. On the finished version, these flared fenders will be totally integrated into the body. 

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A revised front bumper, larger exhaust pipes and cross drilled brake rotors are also likely to be fitted to the new RS5. Weight loss is also on tap for the new car thanks to the use of modern materials like carbon fiber.

Under the hood, a twin-turbocharged V6 is expected to provide acceleration to the tune of about 470 horsepower.  

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