BMW M3 Gets Refreshed But You Might Not Even Notice

BMW M3 Gets Refreshed But You Might Not Even Notice

Like the BMW 4 Series and M4 models, the M3 has also received a facelift, and photos of the car have appeared online before its official debut.

And the changes are subtle at best, with BMW incorporating new headlights with additional LED bars to further emphasize the connection between the iconic kidney grilles and the lights. There are no changes to the rear of the M3, which makes sense considering it received new tail lights just last year. Another minor change with the facelift is slightly reworked illuminated M3 logo on the driver and passenger seats. And like the M4, the refresh is all cosmetic, meaning there are no performance upgrades.

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That means it continues to offer 425 horsepower in standard trim, although the Competition Package helps bump it up to 444 hp. Expect more detailed information on the BMW M3 update when the German automaker makes an official announcement.

reports the facelift will start arriving on vehicles March 2017.

[Source: BMW Blog]

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