BMW to Fight Uber With New Car Sharing Service

BMW to Fight Uber With New Car Sharing Service

The BMW Group has launched its car sharing service called ReachNow.

Initially available in Seattle, Washington, ReachNow plans on expanding to 10 cities across North America in the future. It is a free-floating premium car sharing service and is designed to provide drivers with an experience that is as convenient as owning a car.

According to BMW, the user experience provides a fast registration and an almost instant approval process that typically takes less than two minutes. ReachNow’s initial fleet of 370 vehicles include the BMW i3, 3 Series and MINI Cooper, which will all be located on the streets of Seattle for immediate use. Next quarter, ReachNow will expand its program to include Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Those that want to try out the service can simply download the ReachNow app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once they signup to be a member, they can locate and book the closest available car. Members can then return the car to any legal parking space on the street, including for free at meters and within residential permit zones in the Home Area.

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An extra level of convenience is also available, with members having the choice to request a specific vehicle to be delivered to their desired time and location.

ReachNow’s immediate plans is to expand the service to three additional cities this year, although BMW didn’t announce any details on which cities are candidates.

“Seattle residents are demanding more transportation options, and car sharing is a convenient way to avoid the expense of owning your own vehicle,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “BMW’s car sharing service also complements our strategy to promote the use of electric vehicles across the city. As we grow our transit networks, we look forward to expanding car sharing as another great option to get around Seattle.”

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