Buick Encore Recalled: Steering Wheel Might Come Off

Buick Encore Recalled: Steering Wheel Might Come Off

The Buick Encore has only been available since the start of the year and it’s already falling under a recall because the steering wheel could detach.

In affected vehicles, of which there are only 144, the steering wheel can come loose or even separate from the steering column. According to a letter Buick sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a parts shortage during the car’s initial assembly prevented some models from being built with a heated steering wheel.

Those vehicles were then retrofitted with the missing part and during that process the steering wheel fastener might not have been properly installed. The majority of the affected vehicles are still sitting on Buick dealer lots, but 59 were sold.

Today, Buick reported having sold 4,953 Encores in the U.S. through March, which means that fewer than three percent fall under the recall.

Owners can expect Buick to notify them of the recall, but anyone with questions can also contact General Motors by calling (800) 521-7300.

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