Buick Eyeing Opel Adam for U.S.

Buick Eyeing Opel Adam for U.S.

Buick is looking to expand the bottom end of its lineup.

“I’ve looked at the possibility of fast-tracking [the Opel Adam] into the Buick range sooner than later,” Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice president of Buick and GMC told . “I think it would make a great Buick.”

The Adam is a small three-door city car that would fit into the Buick lineup beneath the Encore compact crossover. If Buick does decide to bring the Adam, it won’t happen until the car is redesigned, as the current car is built strictly for Europe and would need a “cost prohibitive” revamp to be sold in the U.S., according to Aldred.

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If the Adam follows a standard product cycle, the next-generation of the small car will arrive in 2018. “In terms of changing expectations of the brand, that would be another absolutely jaw-dropping moment for Buick,” said Aldred.

[Source: Automotive News]

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