Buy It! is this 1983 Renault Fuego the Cleanest on Earth?

Buy It! is this 1983 Renault Fuego the Cleanest on Earth?

Originally designed by the same man who penned the Citroen SM, GS, and the CX, the Renault Fuego is the car you buy if you want an Audi coupe, but also prefer the French.

In Australia, a marketing campaign called the Fuego Turbo “The Fastest car in the world”, but it wasn’t because of the 1.6L turbocharged engine or the 5-speed transmission that this particular example is offered with, but rather the key fob. The Fuego was the first car in the world to have remote keyless entry, and that would have been a pretty big deal back when the Fuego was introduced in 1982. Of course these days we take for granted the fact that all the doors unlock with the push of a button, but before that, you were stuck sticking the key into the door and turning it counter-clockwise like some sort of sucker.

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This particular Fuego Turbo has some awesome graphics and looks absurdly clean to boot. Seriously, who keeps a Renault Fuego this nice? The condition definitely justifies the extra zero added to what would be the usual price of these, so if you want in on the cleanest Fuego in the world, you’re gonna have to pay the price. That’s the way it Fuegoes. Sorry.

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