Check Out Continental's Futuristic New Supercar Concept

Check Out Continental's Futuristic New Supercar Concept

Continental Engineering Services, an engineering offshoot of the Continental Tire company, appears to have a new concept car in the works.

A patent filed with the EUIPO on December 15 and published on December 20 has revealed the design of the new Continental concept ahead of its debut, which we suspect will happen sometime early next year. The designer is Sergey Rusak, a France-based industrial designer with a lengthy resume and with a history of designing some wild concepts – like the unofficially recognized Ferrari 2020 Hypercar. Some further sleuthing led us to this page, which shows a teaser image for the car along with the words “Continental by Rusak” and “Coming Soon” displayed above.

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It seems as though Continental Engineering Services is building a forward-thinking concept meant to display its various driving technologies. The company is interested in developing automated and connected tech for cars, along with electric powertrains and safety tech. These intentions were also shown with the virtual Continental BEE concept. While not a producer of cars in a traditional sense, the company’s engineering wing is likely looking to show off its various areas of expertise to the world’s automotive and tech firms, and a wild-looking concept like this is a good way to do it.

Continental is set to make a media presentation at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next month, so we’re willing to bet this will make an official debut there. In the meantime, get familiar with the design in the gallery above.

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