Corvette E-Ray Trademarked: Is Chevy Planning an Electric Corvette?

Corvette E-Ray Trademarked: Is Chevy Planning an Electric Corvette?

A new trademark filing by General Motors raises quite a few questions, namely, what else could the name “Corvette E-Ray” hint at, if not an electric Corvette?

The USPTO is reporting two trademark filings, (numbers 86850510 and 86850500) by General Motors, one that described as “Corvette E-Ray” while the other is just “E-Ray.” The filings apply specifically for “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles.”

In the spirit of jumping to conclusions, we’ll say there’s no way these trademarks don’t point to the possibility of GM developing an electric, or maybe even hybrid-powered Corvette.

The American automaker has really been pushing its electrification strategy lately, with a new second generation Chevrolet Volt impressing critics. The Volt was even a nominee in ‘s Car of the Year award.

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In the past, the company’s Spark EV even featured incredible torque figures, including an eye-raising 420 lb-ft of torque. With electric motors offering full torque at practically zero RPM, a Corvette with such technology could be an impressive performer. After all, Tesla has shown the amazing acceleration capability of an electric powertrain with its Model S P90D capable of a 0-60 time of just 2.6 seconds.

With the high-tech focused Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks away, perhaps GM will spill a few more details about this new trademark filing in the new year.

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