Crazy People Are Making Their Aston Martin Vulcans Street Legal

Crazy People Are Making Their Aston Martin Vulcans Street Legal

The United Kingdom’s RML Group has altered the wild Aston Martin Vulcan track car in order to make it street legal, and the motorsport company plans to put more than one of them onto Europe’s roads.

The first converted Vulcan is a purple example, which was first covered by British website Lovecars. The project was announced in April of 2016, when RML said it would carry out the conversion after receiving a number of requests to do so, but the finished result was only recently revealed to the world.

Some of the modifications required to put a number plate on the track-only Vulcan included adding the headlights from a DB11, fitting it with more road-appropriate suspension, giving it a 30mm lift, upgrading the engine cooling and tweaking the six-speed sequential gearbox.

According to Motor Authority, another 3-4 customers are planning to have their Vulcan converted for road use, so there’s more than one crazy person looking to tool around town in a track-only supercar with a 7.0-liter V12 making 800 horsepower and a rear-wing that would put a GT3 car’s to shame. Not saying we blame them – if we had the cash, we’d be right there with them knocking on RML Group’s door.

Speaking of RML Group – they can certainly be trusted to perform this conversion. They are the same group of folk who created the infamous Nissan GT-R-engined Juke R, and they also managed to turn the Chevrolet Cruze into a World Touring Car Championship-winning racecar. If there’s anyone capable of making the Vulcan a road-viable vehicle, it’s them.

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