Ford Plans to Sell Self-Driving Cars by 2025

Although Ford plans to have its driverless cars on roadways by 2021, they won’t sell them to the public until 2025.

Recently, the American automaker revealed plans to have self-driving cars on roadways by 2021, but they will be used for ride-hailing services. Those vehicles are aiming to function without steering wheels or pedals, but don’t expect to get your hands on one until 2025.

The company’s CEO, Mark Fields, recently delivered a speech at Ford’s headquarters and said “around mid-decade we’ll make vehicles available for people to purchase for themselves,” referring to driverless cars.

In addition, Ford wants its autonomous vehicles to be accessible to “millions of people, not just those who can afford luxury cars.”

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Ford is hardly the only automaker focusing heavily on self-driving cars. Volvo recently launched its Drive Me program that will put self-driving cars into the hands of everyday drivers in select areas, while Google has teamed up with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to outfit a fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans with its self-driving technology. Then there’s the controversial Autopilot that Tesla has rolled out to its Model S and Model X vehicles, although that’s semi-autonomous as the American electric automaker works towards full autonomy.

Fields also admitted that Ford may not be first to market with self-driving cars, but that’s because it wants to make sure its cars are affordable for millions of people.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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